Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting so Big!

Paityn has been getting so big! She is now officially 10 months old! I can not believe how fast time flies. We have been really bad at getting pictures this last month (I couldn't find any batteries and kept forgetting to buy more.) We were hanging out outside today, and I took some pics. Paityn is riding Dayzee. I think we are getting her used to the idea of riding horses so she can be like her Daddy. Dayzee was surprisingly ok with this, until she saw a jogger and decided to go say "hi" to him. Dayzee has realized that Paityn might be a good thing, she frequently drops some food off the highchair to Dayzee's delight.

Paityn pushing a "walking" toy. It kind of got away from her a couple of times, but she still thought she was hot stuff.
Here she is again, strutting her stuff.

Ok, this picture isn't the greatest, but if you look real close or magnify it, you can see the three teeth she has on the bottom. She's got three on the top with another coming in too. (FYI don't stick your finger in there, she bites...hard. Mark still hasn't quite learned that lesson yet)

The walking toy can also be ridden, she likes that too. She likes anything that will help her be mobile. And boy is she mobile! She crawls all over the place and is able to pull herself up and walk along the furniture. She's getting pretty good at standing independently too. *sigh* She's getting so big!


  1. Dannielle she is getting so big and her little teeth are so cute! I think she looks a lot like you too...that's funny how that works? It's like she was meant to be yours. :)

  2. She's so cute and adorable. I love reading your updates about her. I love adoption! I have two nephews that were adopted and like Kristen said....they were always meant to be yours. =-)