Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Summer!

We have been very busy this summer! Wanted to make a quick post about some of the things that have been going on. We have gone camping quite a bit this summer. Boy, oh boy! Camping is sure a different experience with a little one in tow! We sure are glad we have a trailer to keep us all warm (and a shower to keep us clean!)
Paityn would rather drink out a regular water bottle than her own sippy cup. She thinks she is BIG stuff :)

Guess who bought this shirt for her...Actually it was mommy, but it was in honor of Daddy.

She had started to try walking while we were camping....and she face planted! No real injuries, just a bruised ego, and a dirty face. Glad we have a shower to clean up in!

This is one of her, "Mom, what are you doing?" looks. She's got a million of them. And she is very good at giving them.

Paityn and Daddy riding the horsie! Really, she just sat on his lap for the picture. But it's still cool. Mark went on a ride with the boys, while the girls stayed behind at camp.

Here's our buddies Brett and Tim. Tim is doing the (Diet) Dew! I don't think he could survive without his Dew!

Paityn is getting pretty good at walking...when she wants to. She still can go faster crawling, so that is usually her preferred method of locomotion.

Here she is walking towards Mommy. She is so Big!

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