Thursday, February 3, 2011


Holy Crap! I don' t know where the time goes! I can't believe that Paityn in now 15 1/2 months old! She is getting so big and smart! She knows where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, knees, bellybutton, elbows, and toes are! She knows how to go up and down stairs. She says lots of words and she is willingly giving kisses...mostly to Dayzee (Dayzee isn't really thrilled with this new development. Paityn holds Dayzee's mouth tight and leans in for the kiss. Meanwhile, Dayzee just looks at us like, "Really?")
Paityn is also very hard to photograph! Almost all pictures of her end up being a blur because she moves so fast! At her 15 month check up she had only gained 2 oz because she is always on the move. Currently she is in the 5% for weight, weighing in at a whopping 19 pounds 8 ounces! She is super fun though!
Things have been going great for Mark and myself as well. I am enjoying working only 3 days a week and spending lots of time with Paityn. Mark's business is expanding by leaps and bounds! Not only do they sell and install flooring, but now they are a supply house, sell cabinets, and appliances! I am impressed with how well things are going for the business. So proud of Mark and all his hard work!

Now, on to the pictures!
Yep, she definitely knows where her nose is!

Playing a rousing game of Peek-a-Boo with a strainer, one of her favorite "toys."

She got this little baby doll before Christmas. She thought it was pretty cool, until Dayzee got a hold of it. Let's just say, we had to go buy a new doll for Paityn so they could both have a baby!

She loves to play music! The first time she saw this xylophone at the store, she wanted it so bad. So she got it for Christmas!

Christmas morning was a blast this year! Her favorite gift with this Princess couch!

She thinks she is pretty hot stuff sitting in her couch that is just her size!

This was my favorite reaction to any of the gifts she got that day. She was thrilled!

Hopefully, I will do better at updating the blog. And I hope that these pictures satisfies a bit of the need that I know some of you have. Love you all!

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